The Dragon's Delve

Session 10 - The Abysmal Effect Begins

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After saving Max and his group, you returned to your home to spend a few days in Brindenford. The peace was short lived, though, as Erro approached the group with a note imploring him not to send people to Terregaunt’s Tower, saying that the “Situation was fully under control”.

The note seemed odd, you thought. Why would a note be sent specifically saying not to go to a location. Wouldn’t that encourage you more to go?

Erro wanting to finally get to the bottom of the disappearance of the other adventure teams suggested that you team up with Max’s group and investigate together. In the end, it was only Max that wanted to come, mostly due to the mystery surrounding the odd cloaked figure he say after you destroyed the Font of Dreams.

The trip there was uneventful.. aside from an oddly met centaur giving vague, dire warning about the tower containing a growing evil and that someone new had recently taken up residence in the tower.

The tower itself was a bastion of the undead and it wasn’t long that you discovered the fate of the previous adventurers; they had been turned to zombies.

Both outside the tower fighting alongside was appeared to be some sort of Anti-Palladin, and in the secret basement of the tower fighting along with a Necromancer, who was intent on opening a tomb.

After dispatching both groups, the tomb was opened, a brief bout of memory loss occurred, and, heading back into the basement, you discovered that the tomb contained the remains of a half-celestial being.

From the stories you’ve been told, the only half-celestial you’ve heard of in relation to Terregaunt’s Tower was one named Uoto. He battled Terregaunt (and lost) atop the tower centuries ago, before the Red Saint finally finished the job.

During the battle in the basement, something happened. It was if a change overcame the tower and you could feel an evil seeping through. For great dramatic effect, a dark laughter accompanied it, but was quickly cut off.

Battling through the rest of the undead in the tower, you reach the top where you found a demon guarding a portal with a beam of energy emanating from a round crystal sphere on a dias. Could this be what the mysterious cloaked figure mentioned in it’s last prophecy…

“Two signs have been revealed thus far.
One final sign remains.
The Tower of Green,
a scar to the sky.
There, a doorway is opening,
the Orb of White is the key.
The signs are revealed,
and the effect begins.”

After dispatching the demon, it was assumed that the beam was opening the portal. So, in heroic fashion, Erin blew it to pieces. The portal closed…. or so it seemed.

Erro burst through the door with a second message from the same unknown person, mentioning not to destroy the Orb, for fear of “The Abysmal Effect” beginning. Sadly he was too late and the portal snapped back open! The Orb and its beam was keeping the portal closed!

The mysterious cloaked figure appeared once more though, this time, the sky was no longer gray. It thanked you for following it’s orders and it’s cloak opened slightly revealing a mass of flies making up it’s body… A demon of some sort??

At that, the figure spoke in the same multi-person resonance that you had become accustomed to. “The portal is opening, Rivenyk.”

A booming voice then filled the sky as darkness started swallowing the sky above the tower..

R: “Outstanding, Czarzem. The Effect has begun and everything is proceeding as scheduled.”

C: “Is our agreement still in place?”

R: “Of course, faithful servant. Our establishment in Stoneseek is now under your direct control. Enjoy. Now, make sure to thank your puppets properly.”

Czarzem turns to you, “Ah, my Heroes of Legend”, he drips with sarcasm, “I told you there was a darkness coming, but I may have forgotten to mention that you’d have a hand in bringing in it. Consider this a small gift as my thanks..”

As the cloaked figure vanished, as a large 12 foot brute demon burst forth from the portal immediately hostile. It set it’s sights on it’s closest target, Erin, and a huge hulking fist seemed poised to end his life.

At that moment, Czarzem appeared for a moment, forcing the demons hand to stop through force of will.

“Not this one pet. I’m not done with him yet.”

The battle began and Erro lept into the fray calling for the your group to retreat behind him, seemingly willing to sacrifice himself for to save you all.

Instead, you fought back against the Brute. Heroically risking your own lives to save his. It’s likely that neither group would have survived on it’s own, but your combined force was barely enough to defeat the demon.

As the dark portal continue to pulse, you were sure you could see more of demons curiously approaching the other side.

Retreat was in order, and, as you fled the Tower you could feel changes happening all around, as if evil itself was beginning to encroach into this plane.

Finding your horses nearby, the journey back to Brindenford has begun, the darkness visible behind you.


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