The Dragon's Delve

Session 15 - The Aberrant Laboratory

As if opening a portal to Hell wasn’t bad enough, there was strong indications that the portal, over the next while, would be continuously growing.

In finding the legendary Terregaunt, you had the means to get back up to the top of the tower as well as an ally to help thin numbers while a solution was found.

Choices were made and Felstor and Aurelious agreed to work together to research solutions above ground, while our Salvage company would attempting to go deeper into the Delve, looking for answers (and, of course, treasure) there.

Using the Red Saint’s Sceptre and the odd tattoos on their arms, a new stairway opened downward, allowing you to bypass the Prison, and head further downward.

The first room you discovered has yet another of the strange circles on the ground. Masq boldly stepped forward, eager for his 9th tattoo…

…but instead discovered how sticky and annoying the creature known as a Mimic is.

Dispatching it, you started the exploration of a new level… all indications point to this being some sort of Laboratory.

The exploration of the level had it’s ups and downs.

Your group ran into Cupboard mimics and intestine mimics, the mage was nearly blown apart by a sonic trap, a combination acid/fire shower seemed to prevent access to a section of the tunnels, a HUGE room, encased in ice was found, a MASSIVE electrical wall seem to surround and power the level that you were on

It was not all for nothing, though, as treasure was found, family was reunited, and a clue to a possible solution to stopping the Abysmal Effect was unearthed.

For treasure, a carpet was found that seemed unusually clean yet gave off no magical aura. A potion bottle (though it nearly killed our mage), has resisted all attempts to identify it. A dead wizard provided lots of neat “stuff”

In one room, Nue’s mother, the Mage Serresstique was finally located, only to disover that she’s been trapped in some sort of stasis prison, the method of unlocking presumably kept in a small chest with the inscription, “The Vraedix has the command word.” Vraedix, a word used in reference when attempting to find out more information about Rivenyk and Czaraem the Wicked.

Finally, a dead mage was found and, on his body, a scroll which appears to be a page from a journal. On it, the mage, Setaraghos, was instructed to bring the sword containing Baine’s soul to a place called Khorant, where he’d find three other objects like the sword. These, were to be used to complete and finalize the effect. It was also mentioned, that these items may we used to undo the work that has already been done.

But, who killed this wizard? Has he already delivered the sword to Khorant, or did his killer take it? Way hasn’t Rivenyk or Czarzem completed this task themselves? Do those other objects still exist and if so, what role could they play in stopping the Abysmal Effect?

Answers to several mysteries have been found, only to lead to more questions. What will further exploration of this Aberrant Laboratory reveal?


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