The Dragon’s Delve!

For adventurers travelling to the Fallen Duchy to seek out fame and fortune, The Dragon’s Delve, is first and foremost on everyone’s lips. Supposedly a vast underground dungeon of labyrinths and catacombs, it’s said that the Delve was built thousands of years ago by Dwarves… or perhaps Wizards.. or perhaps Dragons.

Locals in the Fallen Duchy have used it as a method to keep children in line. “Now, do your chores or we’ll send you to the Dragon’s Delve!”

The stories of what lie within the Dragon’s Delve are as varied as the number of storytellers. If it’s evil, if it goes bump in the night, or if it will kill you without a second thought, someone has claimed it lives there.

If something happens in the Fallen Duchy, or a rumor starts to spread, there’s a good chance the Dragon’s Delve is involved somehow.

Those villagers that have recently went missing? Obviously they were kidnapped and used as food for a mighty Tarrasque. Or, they were dissected and used in some mad wizard’s arcane experiment? Or, they were used as combat dummies for any of the hundreds of cults that must use the Dragon’s Delve as a base of operations? Or… was it all of the above?!

For the brave adventurers that make their way to Brindenford, one thing that everyone agrees on is the simple fact that the deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets. But, with greater risk comes the potential for greater reward.

The tales of Dragon’s Delve teem with contradictions and unbelievable anecdotes of impossible encounters and bizarre monstrosities. And yet, some of it all must be true. Is there truly some kind of ambient magic seeping up through the place? Did wizards of old hoard away powerful artifacts in the dungeon’s vaults? Do gateways to remote lands and even other planes of existence really lie somewhere in Dragon’s Delve? Does the prince of all dragonkind really hold court in the deepest reaches of the subterranean stronghold? No one knows for certain, but those that could find the answers to even some of these questions, or learn even a few of the dungeon’s other secrets, might earn for themselves notoriety and wealth beyond imagining.

If they survive.

The Dragon's Delve

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